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The purpose of this website is to set out the orals prep past paper questions for merchant navy deck officer oral examinations.

I have perused the many past orals prep exam papers (from both the UK and Australia), in preparing for my Master Mariner exam, and I have collected them together into a simple ebook for orals prep students.

This website sets out over 250 question categorised into over 20 study topics.

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About Merchant Navy Deck Officer Oral Prep

Merchant Navy oral examinations are the ultimate barriers to attaining the various levels of professional qualification in a career as a deck officer.

This accolade is guarded in the UK by the examiners of the MCA, who quite rightfully ensure that all candidates must earn the title of Deck Officer. And the price that prospective candidates must be pay in preparing for the exam is 18-hour days, sleepless nights, and months of stress.

Orals preparation courses in the UK colleges range from 4 to 6 weeks of intensive study, where students toil under the guiding hands of extremely knowledgeable lecturers. Such courses are an important primer for candidates as they slowly accumulate the requisite knowledge before the big day.

Students and colleges however, are alike challenged by the sheer scope of knowledge required. Indeed, having some measure of previous academic success, the author found that for him this did not translate into a guaranteed passing of the exam. The author’s first attempt at the Oral examination was a resounding defeat.

Furthermore, the current STCW syllabus is somewhat silent on the actual fine detail of the knowledge required to successfully pass this exam. Therefore I created the following booklet as a roadmap through the territory, and onward to an eventual pass. In hindsight, I believe that had this booklet been created earlier, perhaps success would have happened on the first attempt.

By its very nature this website will always be a work in progress given the ever-evolving regulatory and technological frameworks employed in the Maritime sphere. If you have found this site useful, or have more questions or suggestions please get in touch.

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About the Author

Gerard Pollock is a Master Mariner, with over 17 years industry experience with shipping companies including British Petroleum, Cunard, and Bank Line.

Gerard now works ashore as a Port State Control Officer for New Zealand’s maritime regulator, and can be contacted at oralsprep@gmail.com.

 August 2nd, 2014  
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